Marketing Newsletter Service

Increase sales and retain customers
A marketing newsletter is a proven, powerful tool for increasing sales and retaining customers. Executed properly and consistently, no other marketing tool delivers more “bang for the buck” than a company newsletter.

Marketing newsletters are so effective because they:

1) keep you in front of customers and prospects on a regular basis

2) position you as a trusted expert

Regular contact is critical
According to Forrester Research, 78 percent of customers are lost after six months of no contact. A marketing newsletter keeps you in front of customers and prospects on a regular basis – in a non-intrusive manner.

Opening doors to prospects
By continually providing useful information to prospects and clients, you position your company as a trusted expert – this makes it tough for others to compete with you.

Challenging to produce in-house
While marketing newsletters are an incredibly potent selling tool, who has the time or expertise to produce a custom newsletter on a regular basis? That’s why smart companies outsource this vital function to an EXPERT at creating marketing newsletters – The Newsletter Experts.

An “easy button” for newsletter marketing
Our clients consider The Newsletter Experts the “easy button” for custom newsletter production. We can take your marketing newsletter from an initial idea to a professionally printed piece. We can handle all the details, including having it printed and mailed directly to your clients/prospects (or delivered to you for distribution).

Remove the hassle of producing your newsletter
To learn how The Newsletter Experts can provide a turnkey, custom newsletter solution that takes all the hassle out of producing your marketing newsletter, click here for an immediate quote or call us at 636.256.0050 to discuss your needs.

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"We couldn't have asked for a more effortless approach to marketing! The Newsletter Experts take care of everything from conception to mailing and always treat us like their priority. Our newsletter has been a big hit with existing customers and always generates new business."

Jeni Perez
Marketing Manager